Bardoli’s Famous Maharana Patra

Experience The Aromatic Taste & Bardoli’s Known Patra With Maharana Foods. A Home Style Farsan Item That Is Hand-crafted With All The Natural Ingredients. A Blend Of Tasty & Tangy Flavor Satisfies Your Tummy & Your Taste Buds.

Taste In Every Bite Is What Maharana Food’s Patra Has. A Delicious Snack That Can Compliment Your Tea-Time Perfectly!

How Is Our Delicious Healthy & Mouth-Watering Patra Made?

– When the Patra (Colocasia leaves) are rolled in a perfect dal and spice mix, it results in a beautifully sweet and tangy flavour that shouts out authenticity!

Colocasia Leaves In Patra Makes It A Excellent Choice For Your Health.

Colocasia Leaves are plentiful in a few significant micronutrients, like L-ascorbic acid, vitamin A, folate, and calcium, as well as illness battling cancer prevention agents. Their high fibre and low-calorie content make them fantastic nourishment for supporting heart wellbeing and advancing in general prosperity.

In a nutshell, If you’re someone looking for reasons to what Patra makes a healthy pick for you – we guess you have got things sorted. An exquisite & traditional pick to complement your snacking or gift your loved ones.

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