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I, Jeevansingh Chandalia came to Bardoli (Gujarat), having completed my education at the famous Lake City of Rajasthan - Udaipur. I am from the land of the brave and courageous people in Rajasthan. I had been, from the beginning, interested in the field of food business. At the same time, I believe in retaining trust of the customers regarding the quality of our products.

            I believe you’ll nowhere find food products in such pure form. There is something special with the Maharana food products. Our products are manually prepared where we lay emphasis to retaining the original taste save preservative or colors. Hence a big name the world over. This policy has won us a large market. We trust in you as well. You’ll never break relations with us if you understand our quality and buy things from us.

            I guarantee you that I’ll keep giving you tasty and quality food. Nevertheless, your suggestions are very welcome. I’ll keep on catering your food needs.


Jay Jinendra.



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